5 of the Most Delicious Cake Recipes

Baking cakes isn’t as easy as everyone thinks. Anyoe can make a cake from the boxes of mix sold at the grocery store, but to make a truly decadent, flavorful, moist, and delicious homemade cake is something that requires more effort than just mixing ingredients together. If you’re looking for something to whip up for your next event and want to impress your guests with more than a store-bought cake, there are tons of recipes for you to find online and try. However, you may not have the time to search the Internet for the best recipe, or you may be too overwhelmed with results to pick one. 

That’s why we’ve curated the best, most delicious cake recipes of each kind so that if you want to make a chocolate cake, you have the best one, or if you want to make a cheesecake, you already have the finest recipe. This way, you will never have to fret again about what kind of cake to make and can just refer to this list for a reliable staple that will make any party or event a success. Here are five of the most delectable cake recipes known to baking.

Six-Layer Chocolate Cake

Everyone loves a good, classic chocolate cake. But even with as simple as a chocolate cake may seem, it can be easy to mess it up. Similarly, however, you can also take a simple chocolate cake recipe and turn into something amazing, such as this recipe for a toasted marshmallow filling and malted chocolate frosting six-layer cake! This cake has everything you’d want! Paired with the toasted marshmallow filling and amazing frosting, this is no ordinary chocolate cake (six layers? hello!).

New York-Style Cheesecake With Fresh Strawberries

You can’t ever go wrong with a plain, New York-style cheesecake, especially when it’s topped with fresh strawberries. There are tons of recipes for this kind of classic cheesecake, but making cheesecakes is even harder than regular cakes, and there are more things that can go wrong! If you’re looking for the absolute best cheesecake recipe, this one will become your favorite go-to cheesecake recipe. Sour cream is added to the batter for a richer flavor and a denser texture, hence, the New York-style part of this recipe. 

Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake

Another classic cake flavor is lemon cake, but this cake also features blueberries and a cream cheese frosting. I can’t think of a better combination than lemon and blueberry, and this cake is perfect for the summertime. Why is this lemon blueberry cake so special? The blueberries don’t sink to the bottom because of the thick batter, yet the cream cheese frosting glides on so smoothly, creating a great taste in your mouth.

Carrot Cake With Brown Butter Cream Cheese Frosting

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more delicious carrot cake recipe than this one. It’s not as time-consuming to make as the other recipes and is easy to assemble for the immaculate taste it provides. Not everyone may love carrot cake, but you’re sure to convert the skeptics with this delectable recipe.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake

One of the more popular cake recipes as of late are ice cream cake recipes. While you mostly see vanilla ice cream being used, this peanut butter chocolate ice cream cake recipe will give you a new love for ice cream cake. It’s probably the simplest ice cream cake recipe you could find – it has only seven ingredients! It also probably has the best flavor of any chocolate ice cream cake out there.