Top 5 Italian Restaurants in California

E Tutto Qua, San Francisco

The name of this restaurant translates to “and that’s all,” and to be honest their food certainly speaks for itself.

This restaurant is the definition of authentic. Most of the wait staff are Italian immigrants or children of immigrants. I’ve gone here several times over the years and the most hilarious thing to me is that they tried to serve me wine when I was around 16. They had forgotten that the drinking age in America is 21, and that not everyone can have a glass of wine with dinner (as Italians start drinking wine at a very young age).

The food here is amazing. Their margarita pizza is very authentic and melts in your mouth. And their tiramisu is one of the most heavenly things I’ve ever tasted. If you’re looking for an authentic and warm dining experience I highly recommend you take a visit to North Beach and have dinner at this restaurant.

Crush, Chico

Who would have thought this college town would be home to some seriously great Italian food.

Crush has a very urban, lounge-y vibe, and serves some seriously great food as well as fantastic cocktails. For happy hour they offer discounted drinks, appetizers, and pizza. While they serve a lot of classic dishes, a good chunk of their menu consists of different takes on old favorites.

For instance: they have a tiramisu pudding that is absolutely to die for. If you ever find yourself in Chico for whatever reason (probably a party weekend) eat at Crush.

Hot Italian, Sacramento

Hot Italian is right. The men and women who work here are very good looking. The wait staff is very young and hip and welcoming. The vibe of this restaurant is very urban as the lighting is dim and there is a lot of metal present in their décor.

Their pizza is very authentic and delicious. They definitely treat the crust as the most important component. Their drinks are fantastic and their food is amazing. Similar to crush they like to play on old favorites to create something much more interesting and fresh.

In addition, they have a gelato bar! So you do not have to go far if you want something sweet after dinner. This is not only a great dinner spot but a great place to have a drink (or a gelato) and hang with friends as a precursor to a night out.

Celestino’s, Roseville, Chico, Paradise

Celestino’s brings all the good things about New York Italian food, to the west coast. Founded by a New Yorker who made the move west, their pizza is pretty damn close to the pizza you can get in the heart of New York.

If you are like me, an east coast Italian moved west, you will find your craving for new York thin crust pizza filled by Celestino’s.

Pasta Sisters, Los Angeles

If you are looking for a casual eating experience that features amazing food, Pasta Sisters is perfect for you.

This eatery provides classic dishes where their homemade pasta is the star. The pasta is mouth wateringly delicious and melts as soon as it hits your tongue.

There is nothing better than homemade pasta at a decent price.

Check out the video below for more on the best Italian restaurants!