How to Learn to Cook Italian Food Online

Have you ever wanted to master Italian dishes? Do you want to impress your partner with a well-done home cooked Italian meal?

Cooking is an artform, Italian cooking, in particular, is one of the most passion fueled cuisines on the planet. To learn to cook Italian food you must not only learn the basics but you need to understand the culture around the food to truly have your dish shine.

But cooking classes are expensive. Going to Italy is even more expensive. However, with the help of all the wealth of information on the internet you can learn how to be a master chef with only needing to leave the house to get groceries.

Here are three sites where you can learn how to cook Italian food for free:

There is a reason that foodnetwork has it’s own magazine and tv network.

If you are looking to learn how to make some basics and healthy alternative twists on classic dishes, you ought to check out their Italian food page.

They feature plenty of videos of how to perfect their dishes. They even teach you how to take Eggplant Parm from a classic breaded dish, to a grilled sandwich.

If you are looking to keep your pallet on it’s toes and spice up dinner time with a little Italian flavor, definitely check out, and type Italian basics in the search bar.

Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube

If you are looking for some instruction from Gordon Ramsey, this guy is the nicer alternative. Jamie Oliver is an accomplished celebrity chef from England that doesn’t nearly curse as much as Ramsey.

On his YouTube channel, he features Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo. He has his own series where he explores the “Best of Italy!” If you really want to learn about the Italian culture as well as how to cook both classics and slightly less popularized dishes, you should really check out Gennaro’s videos.

He is both entertaining and adorable. Plus if you are looking to gain some tips and tricks as well as learn how to make different kinds of foods, FoodTube has you covered with their featured chefs and wealth of information.

They also have foods split up by breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So if you are looking for something new that fits into one of those categories than I would definitely check them out.

MIT’s Speak Italian With Your Mouth Full

Ever wanted to attend MIT? Well, you kinda can with this online course.

You can both learn how to speak Italian and cook Italian food through MIT professors video lectures. She took the liberty of posting them on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. If you appreciate structured learning and really want to learn a language as well as a cuisine I would definitely que up this play list.

There are thirteen lessons online, with about 40 videos to accompany them.

Learning how to cook Italian food isn’t impossible if you don’t have access to an old Italian grandmother who is willing to teach you (while that does usually help). Just log on to YouTube or and you have all the information you need to become a true Italian chef.

Check out this Italian recipe from the video below!